TOP SELLER! Hydrasoap Aromatherapy Bathtub Teas - Relax

TOP SELLER! Hydrasoap Aromatherapy Bathtub Teas - Relax
Item# Hydrasoap-Aromatherapy-Bathtub-Teas-Relax

Product Description

Hydrasoap Aromatherapy Bathtub Teas - Relax

Relax aching muscles with a combination of lavender & bergamot essential oils (bergamot is small fruit-bearing citrus tree).

Tea isn't just for your kitchen cabinet, it's perfect for the tub too!

These refreshing tea bags are made for your bath. Fill the tub and let the bag steep for a few minutes while you prepare for a refreshing and aromatic experience. All-natural herbs an flowers combined with 100% essential oils provide the ultimate aromatherapy experience in a handy recyclable tea bag. Each tea bag is individually wrapped in cellophane.

As an alternative, you may also hang one in the shower under an indirect spray.

Size: 1 bag is 4" x 4.5".
Handmade in San Francisco, CA.

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