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TOP SELLER! Aromafloria "For Feet's Sake" Double Action Spa Foot Scrub
Gently exfoliate, moisturize and condition while you massage away the feeling of heavy legs and tired feet.
TOP SELLER! Aromafloria "For Feet's Sake" Intense Repair Spa Foot Butter (4oz)
This extra-moisturizing treatment soothes and restores over-worked feet.
Aromafloria "For Feet's Sake" Refreshing Spa Foot & Leg Mist
Instant relief for tired, aching, fatigued, overheated feet.
TOP SELLER! Primal Elements Lemongrass & Cranberry Seeds Bar Soap (6.0oz)
Wake up with an invigorating blast of lemongrass! Cranberry seeds provide gentle stimulation.
TOP SELLER! Primal Elements Paradise Sunset Bar Soap (6.0oz)
Enjoy the luscious aromas of coconut and banana.
TOP SELLER! Primal Elements Tahitian Vanilla Soap (6.0oz)
A sultry Tahitian sunset wrapped in a sweet and creamy vanilla bar.
TOP SELLER! Primal Elements White Cat Bar Soap (6.0oz)
Our furry feline plays in a bar of fresh berries intertwined with soft flowers and a warm mossy finish.
TOP SELLER! Primal Elements Ariel Bar Soap (6.0 oz)
Sandalwood, musk and patchouli wave through this bar to create an aroma of incense cast from the sea.
Primal Elements Rubber Duck Bar Soap (5.8oz)
A sweet burst of fruity freshness guaranteed to make you squeaky clean!
TOP SELLER! Primal Elements Marine Life Bar Soap (6.0oz)
A shimmering view under the sea! Crisp and clean, with a hint of green herbacious notes.
Primal Elements Penguins Bar Soap (5.8oz)
Mellow fruit and sparkling citrus pamper these playful pals.

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