Relaxus Professional supplies hundreds of wellness products and relaxation tools for personal use.


Spa Relaxus - Cocoa Oil Anti-Oxidizing Facial Mask
Improve skin texture and toning.
Spa Relaxus - Tea Tree Purifying Facial Mask
Purifying for your face helping with acne.
Spa Relaxus - Lavender Soothing Facial Mask
Natural skin softener soothing skin.
Spa Relaxus - Marine Algae Lifting Facial Mask
Lifts and nourishes mature skin.
Spa Relaxus - Olive Oil Nourishing Facial Mask
Instant hydration and skin conditioner.
Spa Relaxus - Coconut Oil Softening Facial Mask
Natural skin softener.
Spa Relaxus - Almond Oil Moisturizing Facial Mask
Natural facial moisturizer.
Spa Relaxus - Collagen Eye Treatment Facial Mask
Blend of Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Oat Kernel Extract, Shea Butter Extract, and Bacapa Monniera Extract.
Spa Relaxus - Aloe Vera Facial Mask
After sun treatment.
Spa Relaxus - Pomegranate Antioxidizing Facial Mask
Reduces the signs of aging by promoting healthy cell turnover.
Spa Relaxus - Grapeseed Toning Facial Mask
Moisturizes and reduces fine lines.
Spa Relaxus - Olive Oil Moisturizing Hand Masks
Intense moisture treatment helps to revitalize dry, rough, overworked hands.
Spa Relaxus - Olive Oil Moisturizing Foot Socks
Intense moisture treatment helps to revitalize dry, rough, overworked feet.

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