Massage Oils

TOP SELLER! Aromafloria Stress Less Bath & Body Massage Oil (8.4 fl oz)
Restore balance in life with an aromatherapeutic massage.
TOP SELLER! Aromafloria Muscle Soak Bath & Body Massage Oil (8.4 fl oz)
Relieve tired muscles from aches and pains with an icy hot massage.
Massage Candles - Mediterranean Almond (6oz)
Massage Candle in Mediterranean Almond has hints of ripe sweet almond blossoms floating on a Riviera breeze.
Massage Candles - Deep Ocean (6oz)
Massage Candle in Deep Ocean is a magical blend of orchid, jasmine petals, and sheer woods that comes together in this clean, crisp, scent.
Massage Candles - Tropical Plumeria (6oz)
Massage Candle in Tropical Plumeria has a vibrant mix of exotic plumeria, island jasmine and African freesia infused with luscious notes of fresh peaches and juicy, ripe pineapple.
Terranova Gardenia Silky Body Oil ( 8.25 oz )
Indulge your skin with the sensual fragrance of the majestic Gardenia.
Terra Nova Pikake Silky Body Oil (8.25 oz)
Beautifully scented with Pikake for a gorgeous tropical spa experience.
Terranova Rain Calming Evening Primrose Massage & Body Oil (8.7oz)
Indulge in the tranquility of a fresh spring shower of Rain™ when you smooth on this luxurious silky oil blended with restorative evening primrose and anti-oxidant vitamin E.
Terra Nova Plumeria Silky Body Oil 8.3oz
Moisturizing vegetable and evening primrose oils make this ideal for the bath, after bath or massage.

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