Kimono Rose

Kimono Rose
A sheer, sensuous floral heightened with effervescent clementine and voluptuous cassis on a creamy bed of satiny rose, peony and jasmine petals…finished with a kiss of vanilla. Thymes Kimono Rose is a modern reflection of who you are, and who you want to be…all wrapped up in one truly lovely fragrance.

TOP SELLER! The Thymes Kimono Rose Body Lotion (9.25 oz)
Embrace your softer side with hydrating botanicals in a rich, creamy base, beautifully layered with sheer, sensuous scent.
TOP SELLER! The Thymes Kimono Rose Body Wash (9.25 fl.oz)
Rich, hydrating foam instilled with moisturizing, silkening botanicals and the sensuous scent of Thymes Kimono Rose.
TOP SELLER! The Thymes Kimono Rose Cologne Spray (1.75 oz)
Unabashedly feminine with an undercurrent of intrigue, this sheer, sensuous floral is delicate but dynamic; soft spoken, yet striking
TOP SELLER! The Thymes Kimono Rose Cologne Rollerball (0.34oz)
Roll on the unabashedly feminine, sheer floral fragrance of Thymes Kimono Rose.
TOP SELLER! The Thymes Kimono Rose Bubble Bath (15.75 oz )
Pour into warm running water for a tubful of sparkling, silken bubbles, moisture-rich and beautifully layered with the effervescent scent of Kimono Rose.
TOP SELLER! The Thymes Kimono Rose Hand Cream (3 fl oz)
Smooth, luxuriously hydrated hands can be yours anytime with this richly moisturizing botanically enriched cream!
The Thymes Kimono Rose Bar Soap w/Soap Holder (7oz)
Generously enriched with humectant glycerin and extracts of calming rose, peony flower and balancing magnolia bark.
The Thymes Kimono Rose Candle (9 oz)
Elegantly patterned to enhance any décor, this decorative scented candle makes a statement that's soft spoken, yet striking.
The Thymes Kimono Rose Petite Lotion & Rollerball Set
Complete with a petite MOISTURIZING body LOTION and a full-size rollerball, the Kimono Rose gift set makes a charming and affordable gift.
The Thymes Kimono Rose Home Fragrance Mist (3 oz)
Petal by petal the sheer sensuous bouquet of Kimono Rose home fragrance mist unfolds in a room.

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