Dresdner Essenz Herbal Baths (Powder) - Camomile Marigold (2.1oz)

Dresdner Essenz Herbal Baths (Powder) - Camomile Marigold (2.1oz)
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Product Description

Dresdner Essenz Herbal Baths (Powder)- Camomile Marigold (2.1oz)

Traditional European Bath Therapy. A complex of vitamin E, allantoin, panthenol and essential oils protects and beautifies the skin. The essential oils in the powders are prepared in such a way that their aromatic fragrance and effect are at their maximum in the bath. Leaves you feeling smooth and silky after the bath. These single use packets are great for travel.

Camomile Marigold(Camomile - to treat sensitive and/or rough skin. A unique combination of medicinal camomile oil relieves and revitalizes sensitive and stressed skin, and stimulates the self-healing processes.)

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