(OUT OF STOCK) Chocolate Mint Cupcake Candle

(OUT OF STOCK) Chocolate Mint Cupcake Candle
Item# Chocolate-Mint-Cupcake-Candle
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Product Description

Chocolate Mint Cupcake

Chocolate Mint Scent

3.3” Wide x 3.5” Tall

No baking required! Our Sweet Treats Holiday Cupcake Candles might seem like the real thing, but you don’t have to spend any time in the kitchen creating them…and you’ll be spared the calories as well. The Chocolate Mint Cupcakes definitely looks edible, with its mounds of frosting, colorful decorative disks, and peppermint candy “topping.” Options include two sweet-looking cupcakes, red and green themed in keeping with the season.

If you aren’t already hankering for a real cupcake upon seeing this wax version, you probably will be once you light the candle, and breathe in its Mint Chocolate scent. Smooth Chocolate highlights this wonderfully rich fragrance, accented with hints of Orange and Vanilla, a dash of Cinnamon, and a “topping” of Peppermint Chips to add freshness and sparkle. Enjoy…but don’t eat!

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