Bath Salts

Muscle Soak Ocean Mineral Bath Salts (4.5oz)
Helps relieve tense muscles and overly dry skin while comforting the whole body.
Stress Less Ocean Mineral Bath Salts (4.5oz)
Helps rehydrate rough, overly dry skin while calming nerves.
TOP SELLER! Dresdner Essenz Herbal Baths (powder)- Lavender 2.1oz
Lavender - to relax and motivate.
TOP SELLER! Dresdner Essenz Herbal Baths (powder)- Rosemint 2.1oz
Rosemint - to soothe and treat fatigue
TOP SELLER! Dresdner Essenz Herbal Baths (powder)- Orange Linden 2.1oz
Orange Linden-Blossom - to balance and brighten your mood.
Dresdner Essenz Herbal Baths (powder)- Eucalyptus 2.1oz
Eucalyptus - to refresh and help alleviate cold symptoms
Dresdner Essenz Herbal Baths (Powder) - Camomile Marigold (2.1oz)
Camomile - to treat sensitive and/or rough skin
Dresdner Essenz Herbal Baths (Powder) - Thyme (2.1oz)
Thyme - to harmonize especially during the cold season.
The Thymes Goldleaf Foaming Bath Envelope 2oz
Naturally nourishing ingredients such as moisture-rich bee pollen, soothing aloe vera and hydrating honey fashion the ultimate bathing experience.

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