Australian Plant Oil Soaps

•Natural plant ingredients - no animal products or testing •No harsh chemicals or detergents to dry out the skin •Long lasting bars with rich, creamy lather

TOP SELLER! Simple Scents Evening Jasmine Bar Soap (3.5oz)
Reminiscent of romantic, warm summer evening strolls.
TOP SELLER! Simple Scents Wild Honeysuckle Bar Soap (3.5oz)
Bask in the sweet smell of Wild Honeysuckle while you let go of your day.
TOP SELLER! Simple Scents Lavender with Flowers Bar Soap (3.5oz)
The bright sweet scent of flowers with the undertones of a hardy lavender.
TOP SELLER! Simple Scents Ocean Beach Bar Soap (3.5oz)
Feel the ocean mist and smell the clean sea air.
TOP SELLER! Simple Scents Orange Squeeze with Sunflower Oil Bar Soap (3.5oz)
Fresh & tangy. Cool & refreshing.
TOP SELLER! Simple Scents Melon Strawberry Bar Soap (3.5oz)
Refresh your skin with the healing properties of melon and strawberries.
Simple Scents Coconut & Lime Bar Soap (3.5oz)
Indulge yourself in our Coconut and Lime soap bar and emerge sweeter and tangier and softer.
Simple Scents Lemon Verbena Bar Soap (3.5oz)
Double the lemon--double the enjoyment of luxuriating in the clean, sharp, slightly sweet fragrance of lemon.
Simple Scents Lime Twist Bar Soap (3.5oz)
Let the skin softening moisturizers and the fresh mint scent of Lime Twist works it’s magic.
Simple Scents Tropical Rainforest Bar Soap (3.5oz)
Shower yourself in the clean, fresh scent of a Tropical Rainforest.
Simple Scents Australian Tea Rose Bar Soap (3.5 oz)
Fragranced with the sweet, delicate notes of the Tea Rose.
Simple Scents Country Milk and Oatmeal Bar Soap (3.5 oz)
Oatmeal provides a mild abrasive action with fragrance of Almonds and Milk.
Simple Scents Olive with Organic Leaf Bar Soap (3.5oz)
Cold Pressed Olive Oil With chopped Olive Leaves
Simple Scents Peaches Bar Soap (3.5 oz)
Fruity peach scent will intoxicate your senses when you try this wonderfully aromatic peach soap.
Simple Scents Lime Zinger Bar Soap (3.5 oz.)
The invigorating, exotic fragrance of a West Indian Lime.
Simple Scents Lemon Myrtle & Lemongrass Bar Soap (3.5 oz)
Fresh and fabulous is the best way to describe this wonderfully unique and fragrant.
Simple Scents French Pear Bar Soap (3.5oz)
French Pears make this fantastic smelling soap bar feel like a fresh wonderland for your skin.

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