These soaps are scented with both Essential oils and Fragrance (synthetic) oils. The fragrance oils are added to enhance the scent of the Essential oil, which is naturally extracted from plant material.

Ann San Diego

Ann San Diego Balboa Park Rose (4.5 oz)
With scents of rose infused with kaolin clay, lovers of classical rose scented soap will fall head over heels with this locally made soap!
Ann San Diego Coronado Sunshine (4.5 oz)
Lovers of citrusy fresh scents will absolutely adore this locally made soap! With scents of ginger infused with lemon peel, this soap is perfect for anyone wanting a refreshing scent!
Ann San Diego Gaslamp Green Tea (4.5 oz)
Infused with green tea leaves and scents of Jasmine, this sweet scented and locally made soap makes the perfect gift for anyone!
Ann San Diego Hortons Oatmeal (4.5 oz)
Scented with essential oils, this locally made soap is also infused with soothing oats - perfect for any oatmeal soap lover!
Ann San Diego La Jolla Shores (4.5 oz)
With scents of eucalyptus and lavender infused with ground oats, this locally made soap can easily become anyones favorite!
Ann San Diego Little Italy Lilac (4.5 oz)
With the scent of lilac infused with baking soda, this locally made soap serves as natural cleanser and deodorizer leaving behind only the sweet scent of lilacs!
Ann San Diego O.B. Coco-Mango (4.5 oz)
With scents of mangoes and coconuts, this locally made soap is also enriched with mango butter making this fragrance a sweet tropical paradise for anyone!
Ann San Diego Old Town Cedarwood (4.5 oz)
With earthy and woody scents infused with wheat bran, this locally made soap makes the perfect gift for anyone looking for naturally scented soaps!
Ann San Diego The Blue Pacific (4.5 oz)
Infused with nourishing Sea Kelp, lovers of a minty scented soap are sure to love this locally made soap!
Ann San Diego Uptown Rosemary (4.5 oz)
Scented with essential oils and infused with crushed rosemary, this lovely soap makes a great gift for everyone!

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